emergency mask

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This mask is designed to help you stop touching your face. This face mask is similar to wearing a scarf or turtleneck over your nose + mouth to avoid facial touching in public, but a more fitted, stylish, and comfortable option.

Reflective stripe down the front for added visibility.

Machine washable and reusable - we recommend purchasing our bundle option so you always have one ready to go. 

If you are not sure if our mask is right for you, please consult our Mask Guide on our blog.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PREVENTATIVE MASK THAT IS ONLY DESIGNED TO COMBAT FACIAL TOUCHING IN PUBLIC. IT DOES NOT FILTER BACTERIA AND SHOULD NOT BE WORN IF YOU ARE INFECTED. If you are sick with a virus, you should always wear the certified N95 mask. The ADIFF emergency mask can be worn over any certified mask for a cooler look, but does not have the same properties as the N95 mask.