tent jackets donated to homeless and refugees globally


masks donated to hospitals and non-profits in the U.S.


amount of salaries paid to date to our staff of our resettled refugees

making a difference through fashion

ADIFF is a female-founded design label that empowers refugees and upcycles traditional "waste" materials to create clothing and accessories. We own our manufacturing facility in Athens, GR, where we employ resettled refugee tailors from Afghanistan to produce our collections. 

Our claim to fame is our "jacket that can turn into a tent” (a.k.a. the trench & bomber), one of our first solution-based items designed to provide assistance to homeless and refugee populations, that was sold on a buy-one-give-one model. Our mission is to empower marginalized communities and fight climate change through the vehicle of fashion.



circularity & sustainability

we understand displacement and climate change as inherently linked crises in the world. our products leverage waste as a resource: recycling materials that would normally be trashed and using them as the raw material to create new product. our goal is to bring circularity to the forefront of the fashion industry, setting an example for upcycling + sustainability.

product line

stylish and functional pieces designed for a life on the go. accessories and outerwear meant for daily wear that you’ll be proud to talk about. minimalist, functional pieces made from recycled materials that are built to last.


as a socially-conscious brand, we’re challenging systems within the fashion industry, while also changing what society thinks fashion can accomplish. our company is built on employing and empowering the displacement community globally, with an manufacturing facility that ethically employs resettled refugees in Athens, Greece.

our team


Shafiq is a refugee tailor from Afghanistan who is currently living in Athens and is the Production Manager of ADIFF Greece. He owned his own leather bag shop in Iran, but was not treated well by the government because he was a refugee. He hopes to open his own bag shop again and hire people within his community.


Zaher is a refugee tailor from Afghanistan currently living in Athens and is the Lead Tailor at ADIFF Greece. As a professional tailor, he had his own shop back home making traditional Afghan clothing. His wife and three children are still living in Afghanistan. He wishes to provide for his family, and find a way for them to live together again.


Ahmad is the younger brother of our former Production Manager, Dawood. He is a refugee from Afghanistan currently living in Athens. At only 19 years old, he speaks English, Farsi, and Greek, and acts as the Translator and Operations Manager at ADIFF Greece. He wants to pursue a career that enables him to help others and provide for his future family. He loves soccer and is always ready for a match.

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