creating change through collaboration

The fashion industry is currently plagued by the issue of waste, especially within luxury fashion. With the EU taking steps to ban the destruction of deadstock, we see fashion brands in a tough situation to deal with their waste. If deadstock can no longer be destroyed and is unable to be discounted due to brand devaluation, what options do they have?

designing out waste

℅ ADIFF is a collaborative design studio and ethical manufacturer: not only improving the environmental impact of the industry but also correcting some of the damage through our innovative solution-based design process. We want to bring sustainability to the forefront of established brands through partnerships, acting as an end-of-life solution for their pre- and post-consumer waste by ethically upcycling it to create new, unique collections. Through our design collaborations, brands can turn their deadstock into profit, while also furthering their sustainability commitments and working towards a circular fashion system.

Nike NYC Move to Zero

Retail takeover for the month of May 2021 at Nike’s NYC Flagship on Fifth Ave for their Move to Zero campaign. The ADIFF team upcycled deadstock garments and shopping bags into NYC-themed items: from sporty masks and bacon egg and cheese bags, to pizza box straps and metrocard + mask pouches. As a continuation of our Open Source Fashion Cookbook, a DIY kit including the patterns and instructions for how to create one of the collection items at home was free with every purchase.

Lands’ End

Limited edition capsule collection made from Lands’ End denim hem scraps. These one-of-a-kind, sustainable pieces were launched alongside LE’s announcement of their commitment to use 100% of cotton from sustainable resources and implement 100% sustainable packaging and labeling by 2025. Collection includes a denim hat, pouch, and tote, and are all locally produced in NYC.


Taking your glasses game to the next level with an upcycled case for Genusee eyewear. This co-branded case is made in NYC from upcycled UNHCR tents. In the hopes of decreasing the amount of non-decomposable material that has been polluting our environment, these discarded tents were collected from landfills in Greece and deconstructed to make new products that have more value and purpose. ADIFF & Genusee are committed to utilizing their brands to share these stories with the world and work towards a zero impact future. As a way to increase accessibility, in addition to offering the Genusee ℅ ADIFF case for purchase, the design of the case is open sourced and free to download online, so you can make one for yourself at home if you are unable to afford it from us.