[in]visible jacket

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#DontIgnoreMe: be seen or hide whenever you want.

With one side entirely reflective and the other a camouflaging green, you always have the option of being seen or mixing in with your environment. The jacket is perfect for biking in the city, walking in the suburbs, or hiking through the woods.

Made from highly reflective materials, the jacket offers complete visibility in low light. The waterproof fabric will ensure that you stay dry, regardless of whichever side you are wearing. With multiple reversible pockets, you can easily store and access anything you bring with you. As an all-gender garment, the oversized style allows for any wearer to look chic. The one-size jacket has sleeve length adjustability to allow for a personalized length.

This jacket is buy-one-give-one, so for every jacket purchased, we will donate one to a refugee or displaced person.